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Halloween 2017

We’re looking forward to Halloween this year! We’ve made some improvements to help with the demand. There are some changes made with shipping, new credit card processing with Square, and we’re keeping a bigger inventory of items.  We’re experiencing issues with USA -based credit cards being declined due to us being located in Canada.   […]

Frog? No. Hippo!

A New Contender for Biggest Muzzle. We’re hungry to show off our newest muzzle, it’s our biggest and fattest yet! A Hippopotamus Muzzle!  Perfect for productions of Madagascar the Musical, or if you’re just going for a gluttonous look. It has a big wide mouth, big lips and big teeth too.

Reindeer, Eagle / Hawk Beak & Seagull Beak

We’re please to announce three new pieces are now available. First up is our Reindeer Nose. This is a friendly-looking piece that can be used for all types of deer and antelope. It was modeled after a reindeer, so it’ll be be perfect for holiday productions. Next is our Large Eagle / Hawk Beak.  This […]