Shrek the Musical
Shrek the Musical

Shrek the Musical can be a daunting production; with elaborate costumes, sets and choreography it can become an expensive show to put on. Our goal with making prosthetic pieces for this production is to try to offer a low cost option for theaters and schools since many won't have 5-figure Broadway budgets for fresh silicone prosthetic pieces for each performance, but want something that's reusable and looks great.

When planning for how many copies of prosthetic pieces are needed this production, add up the total of not only the performances, but also makeup tests, dress rehearsals and any promotional photos or events you may be holding as each of these counts as an application of the foam latex pieces.

The characters

Shrek -  Most productions use our Fat Ogre Hood, Fat Ogre Face and Ogre Forehead pieces.  Some productions tight on budget may opt for the Male Ogre Nose instead of the full face piece.

A single Fat Ogre Hood should last an entire production run as it won't likely need to be glued to your actor's face, it's durable and tough.  Expect to need to trim the face opening to fit with your actor's face and with any other prosthetics, we purposely leave the opening small. You may need to use upholstery foam to stuff the back of the head if it fits loosely on your actor's head. If the hood is tight, open up the face opening to reduce pressure on your actor's face.

The Fat Ogre Face will overlap over the hood, so much so that you can likely cut the hood opening larger to reduce the overlap. Aim for 1/2" or less of overlap. If you're using Pros-Aide adhesive, expect the face pieces to last about 5 applications before you need a new copy. Its the edges that will get worn out the quickest since they're thin and fragile.  It is necessary to use a strong adhesive like Pros-Aide to keep the face in place for the show's duration. Telesis Adhesive or Medical Adhesive can work even better than Pros-Aide, though their removers will require a fresh prosthetic every performance; stronger removers will destroy foam latex during the removal process. Avoid Spirit Gum as it's too weak and can prematurely ruin pieces with used adhesive build-up that becomes rigid. The Fat Ogre Face will need to be applied and removed completely from the hood between shows.

The Ogre Forehead will also overlap over the hood, though it won't connect to the Fat Ogre Face. If you're using Pros-Aide adhesive, expect this piece to last 5 or so applications before it's too worn out.  Some theatres have been able to leave the forehead attached to the Fat Ogre Hood to help it last longer, though this is tricky to do.

It's a good idea to use an oil based or alcohol based makeup for Shrek since he's in it all show and these are the only sweat-resistant makeups.

Fionna - Most productions simply use the Female Ogre Nose and sometimes have a 2nd wig with the Prop Ogre Ears pinned or glued into it  Because of the quick change involved with Fionna, we've recommended shows to try to use an open-faced spandex hood for her to reduce the makeup needed and to keep her wedding dress clean of any green makeup. Since speed is the key, we recommend airbrushing makeup onto her for the quickest result. The Female Ogre Nose should last for about 5 applications before the edges get too worn.

Father, Mother and Child Shrek - Father should use the Male Ogre Nose, while Mother and Child can use the Female Ogre Nose since it's smaller sized and will fit smaller faces. Again, Prop Ogre Ears can be put into wigs for these characters. For Child Shrek, if you're going for a bald look, try putting the Prop Ogre Ears onto an open-faced spandex hood. Makeup for these three can be simple water-based makeup since they're only on stage briefly.  Some productions have simply done these in silhouette further reducing the need to makeup and multiple copies of the nose pieces since they can be put on with an elastic band for a silhouette and be unpainted.

Donkey - Since he has many lines, it's best to avoid anything that will cover his mouth with a long muzzle such as our Large Horse / Donkey Muzzle. Try our Horse / Donkey Nose or Cartoon Donkey Face, as it'll leave his mouth open and free to speak without any echoing or obstructions. Hot foam latex is the best material since it's flexible and expressive, expect to get about 5 or so applications before it becomes worn out.

Grandma Wolf, Pigs and Bears - Slush cast latex copies of our Bear, Wolf and Pig Noses can help cover these background characters, these noses can even be mounted on a strap or string and may not even need adhesive which can make them last for an entire production run.

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