Bird Masks - Long Beaks
Bird Masks - Long Beaks

These are some of the bird-related custom masks we've made.  This group is mostly those with longer/narrow types of beaks.

This could be a "cartoon crow", but IRL, it's colours are more of a chough or common blackbird. It's the Lyonshel Crow Face painted black with a yellow shaded beak.

This heron is our Seagull Beak combined with our Neutral Brow. The nostrils were modified to resemble a heron's. It was painted to match an OC, so it has a more stylized look with black and white feathery points. It has a shaded grey beak with pink inside.

This is a set of peacock masks made with the Lyonshel Crow Face.  They were painted in blue with a yellow beak; and black and white facial markings to mimic the look of a peacock.

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