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Halloween Is Near & New Bulldog Face

Halloween is fast approaching, it’ll be here in 17 days!  There’s still time to place orders.  We can ship worldwide in time for October 31st; simply use faster shipping methods.

In other news, it’s been a while since we’ve had the time to make new pieces.  With changing over our production molds to resin from plaster, increasing their lifespans significantly, we now have more time to dedicate towards sculpting new pieces.  We have several pieces underway at the moment, some are half done, some just starting out.

For this update, we have a new Bulldog Face!  It’s a huge piece with alot of character, perfect for anyone wanting a bulldog or mastiff face.  We’ll be sure to take some application photos and videos after the Halloween season is over. For now we’ve painted it up in browns and black as an example.

022_H_P1 022_1_hfl