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New Tutorial Video – Prosthetics & Facial Hair


After too long of a time since we’ve last uploaded a new video, we’ve started shooting and editing new applications lately and we finally have something new to share!

It’s a tutorial explaining how to apply foam latex prosthetics when you have facial hair such as a beard and/or a mustache… all without shaving it off! Check it out, and let us know if there are any other topics you’d like to see us cover.

Holidays Are Fast Approaching

The holidays are coming up fast. There’s still time to get your Grinches, reindeer and other pieces for your pageants, parades and plays. Faster shipping options are available to meet your dates.

Also we’ve reached the time of the year where we’ve needed to disable Pros-Aid adhesive, liquid latex, cabo-patch and pax paint. With freezing temperatures, these items can be ruined if they’re frozen in transit, so they won’t be available again until the spring. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we just cannot control the seasons.

New Birds Underway

We’re pleased to debut two new bird beaks this Friday!

First up is our new “Small Eagle / Hawk Beak”, which is a replacement for our older “Hawk Beak.”  It’s a new version which has far more detail and a much more defined shape, making it perfect for all sorts of raptor birds (birds of prey)


Second is an all-new piece, “Small Duck Bill”.  We finally made a quacker for your face. This beak is broad and flat, perfect for realistic or cartoon ducks of all sorts.


We have several other beaks underway and plan to make several more. Keep an eye out for a Crow/ Raven Beak, Owl Beak and Large Eagle / Hawk Beak soon!