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Temporary Shipping Changes

As some of our customers may have noticed, we’re no longer providing inexpensive shipping quotes with Canada Post.

Due to the ongoing labour dispute between Canada Post Corporation and the Canadian postal workers union, where there could be a strike or lockout on July 2nd, 2016; we will be unable to ship using Canad Post’s services such as small packet air and tracked packet for the time being.

We will be shipping our remaining Canada Post orders today and tomorrow and they should have more than enough time to leave the country before they’re affected by any disruption.  Suspending Canada Post as a shipping method is necessary lest we have orders trapped within their system for weeks.

For the time being, we have implemented UPS for shipping our orders and we are also applying a $5 CAD discount on UPS shipping to ease the increased shipping cost to our USA-based customers.  We realize that international shipping outside North America will be expensive for now, but this is the best we can offer outside of the national mail service.  We are also exploring a volume discount with UPS which will further ease the cost, and we’ll announce it as soon as it becomes available.  We apologize for the inconvenience this causes, we will continue to make and ship orders throughout this time.

As for an estimate on how long this will last for, the last work stoppage in 2011 lasted for 3 weeks until the Canadian government led by Stephen Harper passed back to work legislation, which was later found to be illegal.  This time around, we don’t know how long it will last.