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Reindeer, Eagle / Hawk Beak & Seagull Beak

We’re please to announce three new pieces are now available.

First up is our Reindeer Nose. This is a friendly-looking piece that can be used for all types of deer and antelope. It was modeled after a reindeer, so it’ll be be perfect for holiday productions.

Next is our Large Eagle / Hawk Beak.  This is a HUGE piece that extends 11cm (4.5″) off your face. It was modeled after a bald eagle, and can be useful for many raptor birds like hawks, eagles and vultures… or cosplay of Braviary. ^_^

Last up is our Seagull Beak.  This is our longest beak yet; it extends 13 cm (5″) off your face. It may be a unitasker intended to be a seagull which has a pretty unique shape, but it certainly can be painted in many different ways.  It’ll be very useful for productions of The Little Mermaid for Sid the seagull… or cosplay as a Wingull ^~^