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Halloween 2017

We’re looking forward to Halloween this year! We’ve made some improvements to help with the demand. There are some changes made with shipping, new credit card processing with Square, and we’re keeping a bigger inventory of items.  We’re experiencing issues with USA -based credit cards being declined due to us being located in Canada.



To start, we’ve managed to improve our shipping calculator with a box manager. Though we still can’t seem to get Tracked Packet results to appear, it should be able to package multiple items into a box and calculate a fairly accurate shipping rate. Canada Post does occasionally go down for maintenance on Saturday evenings/ Sunday mornings, so if you cannot get a rate for shipping your order, please call or e-mail us for assistance, or try again a few hours later.  To have your order arrive in time for Halloween, order early.  If you’re ordering in October, consider Expedited shipping, or even Xpresspost to ensure it arrives in time.

New Payment Method

We’ve installed a new payment option. We can now can process credit card payments through Square.  You will see this new option in step 2 of the checkout process, new fields for entering your credit card number, expiry date, CCV number and zip/postal code. When entering a credit card during checkout on our site, the information will be securely transmitted and processed by Square.  We do not store any credit card data. It should be just as easy as using PayPal.

USA Credit Card Declines

We are still receiving frequent credit card declines through both PayPal and Square from our American customers.  We’ve had our site examined by our developer, created tickets with PayPal support and notified Square.  This isn’t an error with any of these sources. The issue is that we are located in Canada, and it would seem that vigorous security measures by credit card issuers have disabled international payments by default.  We recommend that our American customers contact their credit card issuers to allow for international transactions so that payments on our site aren’t blocked. In almost every instance, the 2nd attempt at payment is granted once the block for international transactions is removed from your card.

Big Inventory

Finally, this year we’ve decided to make a massive inventory ahead of time for the Halloween season.  Usually we dislike keeping a huge stock of prosthetics made as they take up space and can sometimes be difficult to store.  This year we’re trying out having a large stockpile of hot foam latex pieces since we’ve found a reliable method to store these pieces with flat bins to keep them safe and free of being folded, warped or damaged.  So bring it on! We’re always diligently working on orders and are aiming for a 24-48 hour turnaround time on orders for blank hot foam latex pieces.  We still need a few days for preparing painted pieces and slush cast pieces, please keep this in mind when choosing a shipping speed.