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New Small Cartoon Muzzle – Revised Sad Brow & Satyr Nose

We’re pleased to announce a few new pieces!

First up is our Small Cartoon Muzzle.

This is a grinning generic cartoon animal muzzle.  It has wrinkles on the bridge of the muzzle, a big round nose and it comes with 3 different sets of teeth,  which means it can be useful for several different species such as dogs, wolves, foxes, skunks, rats or mice. It all depends on how you paint it and what other accessories are worn with it.

Next are two revised and updated pieces, our Sad Brow and Satyr Nose.

The previous molds for these pieces are well worn out and needed to be replaced. However being some of our earlier work from before we started making master copies of items, we had restart these from scratch.  The new versions are similar to the old ones, however they are far more detailed. Our skill level has increased in the 11 or so years since the original versions of these were made and the updated versions of these pieces truly reflects that.

New Cart Feature – Estimated Production Time

Just a small update about the cart.  We’ve been implementing a way to better communicate that we need time to make your orders.  Sometimes, there’s an unrealistic expectation that orders can be shipped instantly upon ordering. It’s easy to forget that we’re two artists with a small business and not a huge corporation like Amazon.  We don’t keep pre-painted pieces in stock, as well as pieces that aren’t in demand.

So we’ve assigned a production time to each item and each option in hopes of better communicating that we need time to make your items before being able to ship them. We’ve always pushed to have orders shipped within 3 days, we want this process as clearly understood as possible.  Sometimes, custom painted orders, large orders, or orders for multiple copies of the same item need more time to be produced, which is difficult when our cart spits out an unrealistic shipping date.  This new production time will help estimated shipping times be more accurate.

Ultimately, if you need an order for a specific date, mention it in your order’s comments, we’re capable of working within your time frames.

For now, you will see a production time associated with each item, listed in hours in the cart.  And it will appear next to all the shipping methods as “estimated production time”.  We’ll continue to tweak this feature in hopes of making it as accurate as possible.