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Five New Pieces

We’ve finished up work on five new pieces, well actually, we finished them in May, but with the whole “being forced to move” thing, we had no time to get these online sooner. So without further delay, check out our newest pieces!

First is a refreshed Feline Brow, the old molds were worn out and needed to be redone. It’s virtually the same size and shape as the previous one, however it has more detail and skin texture this time around.

Next is a Fat-Lipped Chin. A new small piece that looks great with our cow and bear type noses. It’s a bit pouty and will give your chin a more rounded shape.

Then we have some Bear / Rounded Prop Ears. These new prop ears sit atop your head and will work for most types of bears, and probably many other species with small round ears.

Next is a refreshed Orc Face. This new version is bigger, badder & bulkier. It now has a wide jawline, a large denture of pointed teeth and features alot of great texture and detail.

Last, is our new Cartoon Donkey Face. If you ever wanted to make an ass out of yourself, this piece will leave you braying for more. It has freakishly large nostrils, a big smile, barn-sized teeth with a fat lower lip.


We’ve moved locations recently. Our previous landlords recently sold our rental home and workshop, forcing us to move. We acquiesced on a place nearby. The move took place over the month of June and took up the majority of our time. We’ve almost caught up on outstanding orders from June and we appreciate all of our customers’ patience and understanding of how difficult it was to being forced to move, and how labour intensive it was for us to move a literal ton of stone molds.

We still need to set up a paint booth, set up more shelving, and resolve electrical issues with this new place, but orders have been briskly going out.

Our new address:

NorthFur FX
33034 Hwy 17 E
Deep River, ON
K0J 1P0

Thank you everyone for your support.