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Foxes & Chickens, What Could Go Wrong?

As 2021 comes to a close, we’ve finished off a few new old pieces.

To start, we have a new old Fox Muzzle, to replace the older version made over 20 years ago. That original fox muzzle was our first time making a piece with sculpted latex teeth. Fittingly, this is our first time making a piece with upper and lower plastic dentures for teeth. We’ve been moving away from having latex teeth on pieces since they seldom turn out when being run, always prone to having air bubbles in the tiny little areas, and always require repair by hand. Since the original design was made before we started making master copies of all pieces, the fox muzzle needed to be re-sculpted from scratch, and this is the result:

To accompany the Fox Muzzle, we also remade our Fox Prop Ears, Another 20+ year old piece that again, had no master, so it needed to be re-sculpted. These ears are much more realistic in design compared to the old ones. Another testament to improving one’s skills over time. They complement the Fox Muzzle nicely:

The second new old face today is a Chicken Beak. The previous version’s molds have also worn out, and being another older piece with no master meant it had to be re-sculpted from scratch. This new version is larger and more realistic compared to the simple design of the old one.

You may have noticed, the wattle is no longer sculpted into the lower part of the beak. This time, we decided to make separate accessory pieces instead to allow for a wider range for this beak. The Hen Wattle, Hen Comb, Rooster Wattle, Rooster Comb, Turkey Wattle & Turkey Snood are all new accessory pieces that can be worn and overlap over the Chicken Beak to transform it into at least 3 distinct birds.

UK-bound orders & VAT

On January 1st 2021, new requirements came into effect for us to ship any orders from us in Canada to the United Kingdom.

The new rules are that shipments valued under 135 GBP require us to collect and remit VAT to the UK government.

This is no small task, as a small business, being only 2 people, and with limited time, resources and low sales to the UK, the new requirements are too difficult for us to meet. Quarterly reporting, even with nil returns; onerous paperwork & website requirements such as displaying GBP prices with VAT included; and extra forms to fill out when shipping, all contribute to the headache.

Going forward, to meet any requirements and still serve our UK-based customers, we’ve decided for now to simply require a minimum order of 135 GBP for shipments going to the United Kingdom. This doesn’t require us to register for a VAT number, collect any VAT on our end (this will be collected by your postal service at the time of delivery) or worry about paperwork.

We’ve gotten our website set up and prepared for minimum orders on a country-by-country basis, as similar requirements are coming into effect on July 1st for EU-based customers, where it’ll be impossibly difficult for us to register for about 28 VAT numbers for each EU member country.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to anyone, it is the only realistic solution at this time for us to continue offering our items to the UK

-Jason Harrison

Five New Pieces

We’ve finished up work on five new pieces, well actually, we finished them in May, but with the whole “being forced to move” thing, we had no time to get these online sooner. So without further delay, check out our newest pieces!

First is a refreshed Feline Brow, the old molds were worn out and needed to be redone. It’s virtually the same size and shape as the previous one, however it has more detail and skin texture this time around.

Next is a Fat-Lipped Chin. A new small piece that looks great with our cow and bear type noses. It’s a bit pouty and will give your chin a more rounded shape.

Then we have some Bear / Rounded Prop Ears. These new prop ears sit atop your head and will work for most types of bears, and probably many other species with small round ears.

Next is a refreshed Orc Face. This new version is bigger, badder & bulkier. It now has a wide jawline, a large denture of pointed teeth and features alot of great texture and detail.

Last, is our new Cartoon Donkey Face. If you ever wanted to make an ass out of yourself, this piece will leave you braying for more. It has freakishly large nostrils, a big smile, barn-sized teeth with a fat lower lip.


We’ve moved locations recently. Our previous landlords recently sold our rental home and workshop, forcing us to move. We acquiesced on a place nearby. The move took place over the month of June and took up the majority of our time. We’ve almost caught up on outstanding orders from June and we appreciate all of our customers’ patience and understanding of how difficult it was to being forced to move, and how labour intensive it was for us to move a literal ton of stone molds.

We still need to set up a paint booth, set up more shelving, and resolve electrical issues with this new place, but orders have been briskly going out.

Our new address:

NorthFur FX
33034 Hwy 17 E
Deep River, ON
K0J 1P0

Thank you everyone for your support.

Feeling Tropical? New Monkey & Parrot Designs.

Our first new pieces of 2019 are online now: Winged Monkey Face and Parrot Beak.

The Winged Monkey Face is a re-sculpt of our older version done waaaay back in 2002. This updated piece is now available in hot foam latex and has much more detail and texture than ever. This grinning monkey is based off of the illustrations by William Wallace Denslow of the winged monkeys he drew for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It’ll surely be handy for any theatrical production based off of the Oz books, or anyone looking for a cheeky smiling monkey face.

The Parrot Beak is a brand new piece. Continuing to round-out our selection of beaks, we wanted to make something big and different. This Parrot Beak is unique among our bird beaks since we decided to build the forehead into this piece, since parrots’ beaks sit so high up on their faces, we decided to mimic that while still morphing the piece to fit onto a human face. This beak can be used for all sorts of varieties of parrots and other related birds such as cockatoos, macaws, or even some cockatiels, parakeets or love birds

Jump Into the Deep End – Pool Toy Half Mask

Our most abstract and bizarre piece to date, we’re pleased to launch our new Pool Toy Half Mask!  This mask was designed to mimic a vinyl inflatable pool toy, but it’s just a hollow latex shell.  It will come painted by default, with hidden air holes, and optional straps. Now you can transform yourself to match any of your favorite inflatable pool toys.  We’ve painted up 7 demonstration pieces for our launch, but the possibilities are truly endless; we can custom paint this mask in any way desired.

Giraffes Are Awesome!

We agree with Kaku; giraffes are awesome! Now you can be one too.

So here’s our new Giraffe / Kirin Muzzle.  It can be painted in yellow/tan colours for a traditional giraffe look, which can come in handy for productions of Madagascar the musical. But, this muzzle could be painted in any other colour to be used as a Kirin or Qilin, an eastern type of deer-dragon hybrid.  Just put a beard or mustache on it.

Also, we’ve re-sculpted out Witch Nose & Chin Set.  It was first made around 16 years ago, and didn’t even have a master copy or core to be made in foam latex.  But now it’s been re-sculpted, with skin texture, wrinkles and looks far more realistic than before. And now can be produced in foam latex too.  So for any productions of The Wizard of oz, or Into the Woods, this piece will certainly come in handy.

New Small Cartoon Muzzle – Revised Sad Brow & Satyr Nose

We’re pleased to announce a few new pieces!

First up is our Small Cartoon Muzzle.

This is a grinning generic cartoon animal muzzle.  It has wrinkles on the bridge of the muzzle, a big round nose and it comes with 3 different sets of teeth,  which means it can be useful for several different species such as dogs, wolves, foxes, skunks, rats or mice. It all depends on how you paint it and what other accessories are worn with it.

Next are two revised and updated pieces, our Sad Brow and Satyr Nose.

The previous molds for these pieces are well worn out and needed to be replaced. However being some of our earlier work from before we started making master copies of items, we had restart these from scratch.  The new versions are similar to the old ones, however they are far more detailed. Our skill level has increased in the 11 or so years since the original versions of these were made and the updated versions of these pieces truly reflects that.

New Cart Feature – Estimated Production Time

Just a small update about the cart.  We’ve been implementing a way to better communicate that we need time to make your orders.  Sometimes, there’s an unrealistic expectation that orders can be shipped instantly upon ordering. It’s easy to forget that we’re two artists with a small business and not a huge corporation like Amazon.  We don’t keep pre-painted pieces in stock, as well as pieces that aren’t in demand.

So we’ve assigned a production time to each item and each option in hopes of better communicating that we need time to make your items before being able to ship them. We’ve always pushed to have orders shipped within 3 days, we want this process as clearly understood as possible.  Sometimes, custom painted orders, large orders, or orders for multiple copies of the same item need more time to be produced, which is difficult when our cart spits out an unrealistic shipping date.  This new production time will help estimated shipping times be more accurate.

Ultimately, if you need an order for a specific date, mention it in your order’s comments, we’re capable of working within your time frames.

For now, you will see a production time associated with each item, listed in hours in the cart.  And it will appear next to all the shipping methods as “estimated production time”.  We’ll continue to tweak this feature in hopes of making it as accurate as possible.

GDPR – Updated Privacy Policy

You have likely heard about GDPR extensively with endless e-mails and notices over the past few weeks.

Companies large and small are required to maintain transparency and be upfront with what they’re doing with your data in order to not face stiff penalties.  Even small 2-person business like ours have to make it clear what we do with your data and gain your consent. We’ve never done shady things with your data, and never will, we’re far too busy making masks to have the time for such nonsense.

We’ve updated our privacy policy, with clear language listing what we specifically do with your data.

TL;DR – We don’t use ads, or newsletters. We don’t buy or sell your data. We have no choice but to share your data with payment processors like PayPal or Square in order to securely receive payments; and couriers like Canada Post in order to know where to ship your orders. We delete your account data after 5 years of inactivity and delete order data older than 7 years. Our server and our home computers are encrypted & secure. The only data we keep is what you give to us, and if you want us to delete it, tell us and we will ASAP.

We’re erring on the side of caution and deleting any account that has bouncing e-mails as well, since we cannot inform you of these changes via e-mail.

-Jason and Mark