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Feeling Tropical? New Monkey & Parrot Designs.

Our first new pieces of 2019 are online now: Winged Monkey Face and Parrot Beak.

The Winged Monkey Face is a re-sculpt of our older version done waaaay back in 2002. This updated piece is now available in hot foam latex and has much more detail and texture than ever. This grinning monkey is based off of the illustrations by William Wallace Denslow of the winged monkeys he drew for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It’ll surely be handy for any theatrical production based off of the Oz books, or anyone looking for a cheeky smiling monkey face.

The Parrot Beak is a brand new piece. Continuing to round-out our selection of beaks, we wanted to make something big and different. This Parrot Beak is unique among our bird beaks since we decided to build the forehead into this piece, since parrots’ beaks sit so high up on their faces, we decided to mimic that while still morphing the piece to fit onto a human face. This beak can be used for all sorts of varieties of parrots and other related birds such as cockatoos, macaws, or even some cockatiels, parakeets or love birds