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Foxes & Chickens, What Could Go Wrong?

As 2021 comes to a close, we’ve finished off a few new old pieces.

To start, we have a new old Fox Muzzle, to replace the older version made over 20 years ago. That original fox muzzle was our first time making a piece with sculpted latex teeth. Fittingly, this is our first time making a piece with upper and lower plastic dentures for teeth. We’ve been moving away from having latex teeth on pieces since they seldom turn out when being run, always prone to having air bubbles in the tiny little areas, and always require repair by hand. Since the original design was made before we started making master copies of all pieces, the fox muzzle needed to be re-sculpted from scratch, and this is the result:

To accompany the Fox Muzzle, we also remade our Fox Prop Ears, Another 20+ year old piece that again, had no master, so it needed to be re-sculpted. These ears are much more realistic in design compared to the old ones. Another testament to improving one’s skills over time. They complement the Fox Muzzle nicely:

The second new old face today is a Chicken Beak. The previous version’s molds have also worn out, and being another older piece with no master meant it had to be re-sculpted from scratch. This new version is larger and more realistic compared to the simple design of the old one.

You may have noticed, the wattle is no longer sculpted into the lower part of the beak. This time, we decided to make separate accessory pieces instead to allow for a wider range for this beak. The Hen Wattle, Hen Comb, Rooster Wattle, Rooster Comb, Turkey Wattle & Turkey Snood are all new accessory pieces that can be worn and overlap over the Chicken Beak to transform it into at least 3 distinct birds.