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Giraffes Are Awesome!

We agree with Kaku; giraffes are awesome! Now you can be one too.

So here’s our new Giraffe / Kirin Muzzle.  It can be painted in yellow/tan colours for a traditional giraffe look, which can come in handy for productions of Madagascar the musical. But, this muzzle could be painted in any other colour to be used as a Kirin or Qilin, an eastern type of deer-dragon hybrid.  Just put a beard or mustache on it.

Also, we’ve re-sculpted out Witch Nose & Chin Set.  It was first made around 16 years ago, and didn’t even have a master copy or core to be made in foam latex.  But now it’s been re-sculpted, with skin texture, wrinkles and looks far more realistic than before. And now can be produced in foam latex too.  So for any productions of The Wizard of oz, or Into the Woods, this piece will certainly come in handy.