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More shipping changes – lower rates!

Although the potential lockout or strike between Canada Post and its union isn’t yet resolved, we’re glad to announce that we’ve found and implemented what is likely the least expensive interim solution for shipping..

We’re implemented shipping rates through e-shipper, a 3rd party that will scrape and provide rates from multiple carriers. They have much bigger volume discounts with all these carriers than what we could get by ourselves with UPS.  They also provide rates with DHL, FedEx, Purolator and a few other carriers as well.  So for now, this will likely be the least expensive shipping we can provide for the duration of this issue between Canada Post and its unions.

We’ll make an announcement once Canada Post shipping has returned to normal.  We appreciate everyone’s patience with the situation, we will continue to make prosthetics and ship out orders and not let this speedbump get us down!