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Feeling Tropical? New Monkey & Parrot Designs.

Our first new pieces of 2019 are online now: Winged Monkey Face and Parrot Beak. The Winged Monkey Face is a re-sculpt of our older version done waaaay back in 2002. This updated piece is now available in hot foam latex and has much more detail and texture than ever. This grinning monkey is based […]

Jump Into the Deep End – Pool Toy Half Mask

Our most abstract and bizarre piece to date, we’re pleased to launch our new Pool Toy Half Mask!  This mask was designed to mimic a vinyl inflatable pool toy, but it’s just a hollow latex shell.  It will come painted by default, with hidden air holes, and optional straps. Now you can transform yourself to […]

Giraffes Are Awesome!

We agree with Kaku; giraffes are awesome! Now you can be one too. So here’s our new Giraffe / Kirin Muzzle.  It can be painted in yellow/tan colours for a traditional giraffe look, which can come in handy for productions of Madagascar the musical. But, this muzzle could be painted in any other colour to […]