Large Dog Prop Ears

  • Model: e10

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Headband :

These are our set of Large Dog Prop Ears. The main picture above is the cold foam latex version.

Our Large Dog Prop Ears are a pair of sculpted ears with a flat oval shape. They are suitable for many species and breeds of dogs or any animals that have large floppy ears. They have a length of 26cm (11") and a width of 15cm (6"). Slush Cast Latex copies will be the floppiest ears. Hot Foam Latex copies can have angle cuts made in the ear to make them bend, but would otherwise stand up. They can be positioned easily on top of the head. It is two pieces (a pair) and comes unpainted and unfinished by default.

Price includes one unpainted and unfinished set of ears in the material of your choice.

Select from the list above in which material you would like these ears made. They are available in slush cast latex and hot foam latex. Visit our FAQ for the differences between these materials.

Custom painting and a headband can be added to these ears. Custom painting can add up to three days to turnaround time.

Other prosthetic pieces other than the Large Dog Prop Ears that are shown are not included.