Pros-Aide Adhesive

  • Model: w-pros

Pros-Aide Adhesive is a prosthetic adhesive used widely in the film, television and theatrical industries. It is a water based adhesive, an acrylic emulsion. It's a safe and pleasant smelling, opaque, white-colored adhesive that is easy to use and remove, yet has a long lasting hold.

Apply this adhesive onto both your face and the prosthetic in the areas where the two parts will come into contact. Let both sides dry until the adhesive is transparent and then press the two parts together. They will bond instantly when they are pressed together.

For removal, slush cast prosthetics can be peeled away from the face like a bandage, while foam latex prosthetics require Remover to prevent tearing the prosthetic.

Price includes one bottle of Pros-Aid Adhesive in the size of your choice.

7.4 mL (0.25 oz) is enough for 1 or 2 applications of most noses, while larger muzzles and full faces will need more. If more applications are needed, order a larger size.


Manufactured by ADM Tronics, Inc. in the USA.

Ingredients: Water, acrylic emulsion, glycerol, guar gum, sorbitol, benzyl alcohol (as a preservative)

Keep out of reach of Children. Do not swallow. If swallowed, drink water. In case of eye contact flush with water.