Ogre Forehead

$21.61 USD
  • Model: b70

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This is our Ogre Forehead. Like most of our pieces, this prosthetic appliance was made to fit most faces. The main picture above is the hot foam latex version painted in greens. This piece is only available in hot foam latex. Visit our FAQ for information about hot foam latex.

This prosthetic forehead is am optional part to go with our Fat Ogre Face. It was made for Shrek The Musical, it's helpful for blending the Shrek Hood onto an actor's face. It has a bumpy skin texture and a few wrinkles, with a generally neutral look.  Unlike our other brows, this piece sits higher up on the forehead and doesn't cover the eyebrows. Paint it in greens for an ogre, or try it in other colors for any other kind of monster. It is one piece and comes unpainted by default.

Price includes one unpainted prosthetic in hot foam latex.

Custom painting can be added to this forehead.

Teeth, contact lenses, ears and other prosthetic pieces other than the Ogre Forehead that are shown are not included.