• Model: w-cabo

Cabopatch is a thickened version of Pros-Aide adhesive, thickened with Urefil 9 powder. It is used for blending edges of prosthetics into your skin. It is superior to Liquid Latex for blending edges as it is a thick paste which can be smoothed and "sculpted" to create a seamless blending edge. It is odorless and comes in wide mouth jars for easy use.


If you have a thick edge, apply Cabopatch with a brush to fill the area. Then use some water with a brush to smooth it over. Gradually work your way around all edges for a seamless look. Cabopatch is dry when it becomes translucent. We recommend using a throw-away brush for this as it is difficult to clean off a brush.


For removal, use Bond-Off remover, the same remover used for Pros-Aide adhesive and simply apply it onto the patches area to weaken the bond.

Price includes one jar of Cabopatch in the size of your choice.

7.4 mL (0.25 oz) is enough for blending 2-3 noses, while larger muzzles and full faces will need more. If more applications are needed, order a larger size.

Manufactured by NorthFur FX, made in Canada.

Ingredients: ADM Tronics' Pros-Aide adhesive (Water, acrylic emulsion, glycerol, guar gum, sorbitol, benzyl alcohol (as a preservative)), Smooth-On's Urefil 9 fumed-silica powder.

Keep out of reach of Children. Do not swallow. If swallowed, drink water. In case of eye contact flush with water.