Owl Beak

  • Model: 309

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This is our Owl Beak.  Like most of our pieces, this prosthetic appliance was made to fit most faces. The main picture above is the hot foam latex version.

This beak is small, stubby and pointed; it is modelled after a great horned owl. With different colors, it can be used for many varieties of owls, barn owls, snowy owls, spotted, long eared, etc. Finish it in any color and add feathers to define it. It is in two pieces and comes unpainted by default. This beak measures 4cm (1.5") long from your upper lip.

Price includes one unpainted two-part prosthetic in the material of your choice.

Select from the list above in which material you would like this piece made. It is available in slush cast latex and hot foam latex. Visit our FAQ for the differences between these materials.

Custom painting can be added to this beak. Please describe the species and color of not only for the beak itself, but also for the skin portion surrounding it. Custom painting can add up to three days to turnaround time.

Contact lenses and other prosthetic pieces other than the Owl Beak that are shown are not included. Using these types of costume accessories can help accentuate this prosthetic piece's features.