Neutral Set Powder

  • Model: psn

This Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder. It offers a way to reduce tackiness of dried Pax Paint and oil/grease based makeup.
Unlike Talcum powder, this powder isn't bright white, it is dull and translucent, so it won't leave darker colors of paint looking nearly as "chalky".


Dust Neutral Set Powder on dried painted areas of your face or prosthetic/mask with a brush or sponge, gently rubbing the areas until they are no longer tacky.
Neutral Set Powder will stop a painted prosthetic from sticking to itself should it be pressed up against itself. It will also prevent any debris from becoming stuck to painted areas.
Also, Neutral Set Powder can help set oil/grease-based makeups so they won't be so prone to smearing.


We dust all our dark colored custom painted prosthetics and masks with Neutral Set Powder prior to shipping to prevent the painted areas from sticking to the box or tissue paper or other items in the package.


After a painted area is dusted with Neutral Set Powder, use a damp cloth to dab and gently wipe away the excess powder to remove the dusty appearance. Then apply hairspray to help bring back the color.


Do not inhale this powder and avoid getting it in your eyes.

Price includes one jar of Neutral Set Powder in the size of your choice.