6-color Essentials Palette

$19.65 USD
  • Model: PA-6E

This is Wolfe FX's signature hydrocolor makeup in a 6-color Essentials palette.

It's a water-based makeup which can be applied with a lightly damp sponge or brush. The colors can be blended together or overlap and unlike other water-based makeup, Wolfe FX's hydrocolor makeup is thick and opaque, so translucency won't be a problem. It has a smooth and rich texture and applies beautifully to both skin and latex prosthetics.

The 6-color Essentials palette contains Black(010), White(001), Red(030), Yellow(050), Light Green(057), and Blue(070).
They're placed in a tray which has interchangeable refills available and it comes with a brush.

Price includes one Wolfe FX hydrocolor makeup 6-color Essentials Palette.