Large Canine Head Blank

$148.21 USD
  • Model: 029

This is our Large Canine Head.  Like most of our pieces, this 3/4 mask was made to fit most heads. The main picture above is the cold foam latex Large Canine Head, with Fox / Wolf Prop Ears, Canine Jaw Set, all assembled and painted and furred as a grey wolf.

This piece is only available in cold foam latex. Visit our FAQ for information about cold foam latex.

This mask is best suited as the basis for a full head mask rather then being glued on as a prosthetic. It can be painted or furred for a complete head. It's best suited to be finished as any variety of canines such as wolves and dogs. It is in two pieces and comes blank  (unpainted, not furred and unassembled) by default.

Price includes one blank (unpainted, not furred and unassembled) two-part mask in cold foam latex.

Custom finishing is available upon request.

Contact lenses, other latex pieces other than the Large Canine Head that are shown are not included.