Custom Spandex Hood Mask

  • Model: hds-02

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This hood is the basis for a full head mask. It is a spandex or velour hood, which stretches over your head. We can attach prothetics, ears, horns or any other latex parts to this hood, blend them together, paint them, to make a full head mask.

The advantage of this type of mask is that you don't need adhesives to wear it. This means that this mask could last for years of use. Prosthetics attached to this type of mask can move and flex and still be somewhat expressive, though not as expressive as if they were glued onto your face. The only makeup required would be around your eyes and around your mouth making it a quick alternative to prosthetics.

To build a Spandex or Velour Hood Mask follow these three steps:


1. Add this hood into your cart along with your measurements, color choices, and describe what mask you're trying to build. (eg.: brown bear, grey rat, etc.)


2. Next, add all other prosthetics needed for the mask into your cart. We highly recommend using Hot Foam Latex prosthetics with this type of mask as they'll be the most flexible. Choose from noses, muzzles, brows, ears and anything else you'd like to be part of the mask. Most pieces can be combined together.


3. Last, add custom painting for each prosthetic or latex piece desired for the mask.


We'll sew the hood, combine the latex pieces onto it and paint it up to complete the mask.

Price includes ONLY one hood and the assembly of the mask. Prosthetics, ears, horns and other parts to build the mask with are sold separately in the cart and need to be purchased alongside this hood item.

We will need measurements of the circumference around your forehead and around your neck for this type of mask, as well as a description of the colors you wanted and what you're trying to make. Please keep in mind that colors for spandex and velour materials can be limited. We require a turnaround time up to 4 weeks to assemble a Hood-based Mask.