Fat Ogre Hood

$195.74 USD
  • Model: h02S

This is our Fat Ogre Hood.  Like most of our pieces, this hood was made to fit most faces. The main picture above is the finished version, which is made of slush cast latex, with attached cold foam latex Ogre Ears, all blended, textured and painted in green with brown details. This piece is only available in slush cast latex and finished. Visit our FAQ for information about slush cast latex.

This finished hood was something we put together for Shrek the Musical. If features a wide neck with wrinkles in the front and on the back of the head. Attached onto it are a pair of Ogre Ears in cold foam latex, which are glued and blended into the hood. Everything is blended together and we sponge latex onto it to give it a bumby skin texture. It is then painted up.

We leave the face opening small, so it will need to be trimmed to help fit it to your actor's face and head,and fit it with any other prosthetics to avoid large overlaps.

The hood on the outside measures 60cm (23.5") around the forehead and 50cm (20") around the neck. It is one piece and comes painted & finished by default.

Price includes one painted and finished hood in slush cast latex with attached ears.

Teeth, contact lenses, ears and other prosthetic pieces other than the Fat Ogre Hood that are shown are not included.