Ogre Prop Ears

$40.13 USD
  • Model: e30

This is our set of Ogre Prop Ears. The main picture above is the finished version, which is made of cold foam latex with a slush cast latex skin, textured and painted in green with brown details. These ears are only available in cold foam latex and finished. Visit our FAQ for information about cold foam latex.

This finished set of ears was something we put together for Shrek the Musical. They're loose ears which can be added to a bald cap, a spandex hood, or pinned into wigs. This is especially useful for Fionna and can be useful for the mother, father and child Shrek.

It is in two pieces (one pair of ears) and comes painted & finished by default.

Price includes one painted and finished set of 2 ears in cold foam latex.

Other prosthetic pieces other than the Ogre Prop Ears that are shown are not included.