20.5cm (8") Beast Horns

  • Model: r33

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Optional Wet Clear Coat :

The 20.5cm (8") Beast Horns are made to complement our Beast prosthetic. They're curved and have ridges all along their length. The long side measures 20.5cm (8") froim the base while the short side measures 12cm (4 3/4") from the base. The base has a diameter of 12.5cm (5") and curves inward to fit on a rounded object like a head. They can be painted, put into a wig or glued onto an actor's head. They are also suitable for goats, rams, dragons, demons, and more.


The Horns comes unpainted and it's two pieces. These horns are only available in cold foam latex. Visit our FAQ for information about cold foam latex.

Price includes one unpainted pair of horns (left and right) in cold foam latex.

Optional Full Custom Paint OR Optional Single Colour Paint can be added to this horn.

For Optional Full Custom Paint, enter a detailed description in that field of what colours you wanted the piece painted as. For example: "Offwhite horn fading to grey with black base." You can also e-mail us an image or send links to reference pictures.
For Optional Single Colour Paint, enter ONE colour you'd like sprayed over the entire prosthetic as a base coat. For example: "white."

Other prosthetic pieces that are shown are not included.