$11.19 USD
  • Model: 170-t01

This is our Buckteeth set of teeth. These are made specifically to fit on our Giant Cartoon Face. They are made in lightweight plastic resin.

This is an accessory piece made to fit on our Giant Cartoon Face. It's a set of square cartoon buckteeth. They're 5.5cm (2.25") wide and 4cm (1.5") tall. They're made in lightweight plastic resin and can be glued onto the Giant Cartoon Face with superglue with ease. They're handy for rodent type characters such as rats, mice or rabbits. The plastic can be tinted in many colours; off-white and default plastic yellow (the default colour of Smooth-On's Featherlite plastic resin) are the named options; but if you require a different colour, mention it in your order's comments. These teeth are in one piece.

Price includes one set of plastic resin teeth in the colour of your choice.

Giant Cartoon Face, contact lenses, ears and other prosthetic pieces other than the Buckteeth that are shown are not included.