Pool Toy Half Mask

$118.63 USD
  • Model: 175

Describe in detail how you'd like your mask painted.

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An alternative to gluing the mask on.


29.5mL (1oz) of PAX paints matching your mask

Touch-Up Paint :

Read our WARNING - NO air holes

NO Custom Painting - Blank :

This is our Pool Toy Half Mask.  Like most of our pieces, this prosthetic mask was made to fit most faces. The main picture above features 5 examples of custom painted masks, all are made in slush cast latex.

This is an unsual piece.  It is a half mask that covers the lower part of your face.  It was designed to emulate the look of a vinyl inflatable pool toy, but it is made in slush cast latex and is not inflatable; it's a large hollow shell.


This piece can be glued and applied onto your face as a traditional prosthetic, but we've also included the option to have strapping with buckles attached.  We have several colours of strapping and buckles to choose from. When selecting this option, the mask will come with two straps, one high, one low, embedded into the mask. The straps will have sliders and buckles to make them adjustable. Choose a colour from the drop down menu. Initially, this mask may only come with black buckles and sliders.



Unlike most of our other pieces, by default, this mask will come painted and finished with air holes cut.  You will need to describe in detail the colours and design you want for your mask in the field provided. The example photos are just that, examples. This piece can be painted in almost any way imaginable. Tell us about the species or creature you want; the colors for different areas; the hard lines; whether you wanted any gradiants or just solid colours; what expression you want it to have, what nose type and size should it have, if any, etc.  Be specific. Send links, or email pictures to us if necessary.  We will contact you if we need details to be clarified.


We use PAX paint to colour these pieces, as such, it can be scratched and damaged if care isn't taken. Care instructions for painted pieces will be included in the package. Additional Touch-up paint can be purchased alongside this mask, where we'll send at least 29.6mL (1oz) total of paint in various smaller proportional quantities, in colours matching the paint used on your mask.


But how do you breathe? After this mask is painted, we will cut air holes along any black detail lines, this hides them very well and will allow for normal breathing. It's recommended to have some black details on your paint job in order to have adequate air holes without altering the piece's design. If no black details are desired for your piece, then we will need to cut holes into the piece and insert coloured buckram fabric or plastic mesh into those areas, it will be noticeable, but it's necessary in order to breathe.


WARNING - We have listed the option to sell this piece unpainted/ blank.  When sold with the "NO Custom Painting - blank" option, we will NOT cut any air holes in the mask.  This means that there is a danger of suffocation in this state. If you are painting this piece yourself, DO NOT wear it until you've cut sufficient air holes. Failing to do so can result in injury or death to yourself or others. Ordering this piece blank should only done so by experienced artists who understand this risk.  We reserve the right to cancel orders with this option selected.  We are not responsible for any injury, damage or loss due to your negligence. When choosing this option, type in "I've read your warning" as the painting description, or we will reject your order.

Price includes one custom painted mask in slush cast latex.

It is available only in slush cast latex. Visit our FAQ for a description of this material.

Contact lenses, ears and other prosthetic pieces other than the Pool Toy Half Mask that are shown are not included. Using these types of costume accessories can help accentuate this prosthetic piece's features.