Orc Face

  • Model: 158

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This is our Orc Face.  Like most of our pieces, this prosthetic appliance was made to fit most faces. The main picture above is the hot foam latex version.

This is a huge orc face; it's much larger than our previous version. It has a small rounded nose, eyebag wrinkles and a low-sitting mouth with a thick jawline and wrinkles all down the neck. Since this prosthetic is all one piece this time, we made the teeth a separate plastic resin piece.  The teeth can come in off-white or the default yellow colour of Smooth-On's FeatherLite plastic resin. It is an ideal piece for LARPers wanting to play this classic green character; however it could pass for a troll or other creatures with different colors and markings.  This new version is now all in one piece, comes with detached plastic resin teeth and comes unpaitned by default.

Price includes one unpainted prosthetic in the material of your choice with one set of plastic resin teeth in the colour of your choice.

Select from the list above in which material you would like this piece made. It is available in slush cast latex and hot foam latex. Visit our FAQ for the differences between these materials.

Optional Full Custom Paint OR Optional Single Colour Paint can be added to this face.

For Optional Full Custom Paint, enter a detailed description in that field of what colours you wanted the piece painted as. For example: "A medium leaf green with light and dark shading, dark rose for the lip and inside the mouth.." You can also e-mail us an image or send links to reference pictures.
For Optional Single Colour Paint, enter ONE colour you'd like sprayed over the entire prosthetic as a base coat. For example: "medium forest green."

Contact lenses, ears and other prosthetic pieces other than the Orc Face that are shown are not included. Using these types of costume accessories can help accentuate this prosthetic piece's monsterous features.