Lyonshel Dove Face

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  • Model: lyon-14

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This is the Lyonshel® Dove Face.  This prosthetic mask was made to fit most faces. Like other Lyonshel® masks, this piece is only available in hot foam latex. Visit our FAQ for information about hot foam latex.

This Lyonshel® Dove Face is modeled after a dove, although painted differently it can be used as a parrot, parakeet, finch, and many other colorful birds. This mask offers full face coverage of the nose, chin, cheeks and brow and has a feathery texture. It runs very close to the hairline. It is one piece and comes unpainted by default.

Price includes one unpainted prosthetic mask in hot foam latex.

Custom painting can be added to this mask.

Contact lenses and other prosthetic pieces other than the Lyonshel® Dove Face that are shown are not included. Using these types of costume accessories can help accentuate this prosthetic piece's avian features.