Wolf/Dog Nose

I got the unpainted slush cast variation. It ended up being perfect for my mid-transformation werewolf costume this Halloween. The nose was lightweight yet durable enough for me to modify--I cut the edges down just a bit for a more custom fit to my face and I cut the nostrils out so I could actually breathe through the nose and avoid condensation from getting inside the prosthetic. Since I wanted a nose to match my skin tone exactly I painted it myself using various water-based enamels and acrylic paints, which was easy enough because the paint had no trouble adhering to the rougher texture of the slush cast. I even attached some fur with Fabri-Tac glue and the finished nose looked incredibly realistic, so mush better than those store-bought werewolf noses that are always in a permanent snarl expression and don't really do much as far as altering the shape of your face. My costume was surprisingly comfortable to wear, scary and original and everyone totally flipped out over it!


I am recommending this nose to everyone that asks me about my werewolf makeup!

Bailey Quillin, 11/02/2010