Lyonshel® Lady Cat Face

While I give the site itself full marks for giving me what I asked for, there was some miscommunication at first because I never recieved an email confirming they'd gotten my more particular requests. That was hashed out, though. My particular desire for off-color markings meant I had to wait a good bit, but the product was just what I asked for!

Alas, I discovered that the ladycat is not for all lady faces. I'm not sure what to do with it, honestly. It doesn't sit well on my face, as it's smaller than the standard lyonshel. More upsettingly, the nose holes weren't cut out? I thought it a mistake in casting the mask, but even when I clipped them open I found that they didn't line up with my nostrils and that made it very hard to breathe.

So while this product is lovely and the company will happily meet your demand, I'd say that the ladycat is for daintier, smaller, or younger ladies. I will certainly buy another lyonshell, and happily deal with this site again. I just won't be buying another ladycat specifically.

Katy Sedia, 05/28/2012
$44.54 USD