Lyonshel Lady Cat Face

i ordered the lady cat face for an Elder Scrolls Khajiit cosplay at DragonCon 2012. it seemed to take a rather long while to receive it eventhough it was an unpainted one but i planned far ahead so it was ok.
as far as the fit went it was pretty good except for the mouth area. it overlapped the corners of my mouth in such a way that ii caused a drooling issue. once i trimmed it back it was much more comfortable although the edges werent great afterwards.
comfort-wise it was pretty good. you will need a straw to drink. i wore it for about 8 hours the first night, and 6 the next and through two applications and removals it held up quite well. i will likely get a new one for the next time i wear that cosplay simply because the paint is a little too thick on it now and the paint is cracking but surprisingly the proshtetic underneath is not doing too badly.
i dont see how to share/insert a picture of how the makeup turned out but you can see it here:

Lindsey Anderson, 09/23/2012
$51.41 USD